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       "This isn't exactly what I had in mind…" Sarah said as her two best friends, Karen and Jessica, shuffled her through the doorway.
       "Nonsense," Karen said, "It's exactly what you need." She proceeded to steer Sarah toward the bedroom, "Sit." She said pointing to the bed.
       Sarah tittered uneasily. She wasn't so sure. Last night was rough. An entire month had passed since her run-in in the alley behind the mall with the rather nippy homeless-guy and her once impossible suspicions of her shaggy attacker had become a full-blown reality. Despite of her new aversion to speaking word aloud, she was a werewolf.  A big, hairy, drooly, I-want-to-tear-your-face-off, WEREWOLF.
       In light of her new condition, Sarah just wanted nothing more than to go home and wallow in self-pity. All afternoon she had been feeling a little off and it had gotten worse the closer it got to sundown. She summed it up to something that she ate while gallivanting on all fours, but Karen and Jessica had other plans. Sarah sat and watched as her two friends dropped the bags they were carrying and began to unload their contents. Sarah groaned at the sight.
        "Don't be such a baby!" Jessica laughed as she held up the case of hot-rollers with impish delight, "Girls-night with a makeover is just the thing to get you back on your feet!"
Even with her unenthusiastic attitude, Sarah couldn't prevent a grateful smile. The two girls that had once scoffed at Sarah for her worries, witnessed the beginnings of Sarah's transformation the previous night… right before high-tailing to safety…  Being the amazing friends that they were, they not only accepted the situation, but they were not about to let one of their 'BFF's'go through such an ordeal alone. Sarah, of course, was relieved that they had been so understanding, but she couldn't see how make-up and nail polish would make the situation better. It was at that point that Sarah suddenly realized that this girls-night was as much for them as it was for her. They were trying to cope the best way they knew how. It was clear that Sarah's feeble protesting wasn't going to prevent them from doing just that.
Jessica snatched Sarah's arm, "You're getting a full-on mani-pedi." Then added upon full inspection of the forearm, "There may be some waxing involved."
"Ouch!" Sarah exclaimed. Karen had since pounced on her wild hair, attacking it with a brush. The usual laid-lack Sarah had to work to keep her cool, "Take it easy!"
"Pain is beauty." Karen stated with a grin, "Oh man! Looks like a tornado happened on your head and—" she plucked something from strands of hair, "You still have a bit of debris in here."
"So," Jessica piped as she set to work on Sarah's nails, "Do you remember anything about when you were…you know…" Sarah winced as she was pulled in opposite directions.
"Not really. Ow! I just remember feeling— Ah!" Sarah suddenly felt a surge of fury as the beast in her flared. She snagged a hold of Karen's wrist, "Can't you two give it a rest?!" she snarled.
        Her two friends paused and looked at each other.
"Sure Sarah…" Karen voiced lowly. Wide-eyed, Jessica added quickly, "Yeah, whatever you want…"
Sarah's anger waned at the sight of them and she released her grip, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" She took a deep breath, "Things are just a little crazy… and… you guys are clearly as freaked out as I am…" She smiled meekly, "…I'm not sure if my hair can take it."
The tension disappeared as the trio giggled. They proceeded to continue with all the planned primping, polishing and tweezing... until Jessica re-examined her paint job on Sarah's hand, "You have got to be kidding."
"What?" The other two asked in unison.
"It's like it was before I started!" she stated incredulous. And it was. Sarah's nails had re-grown at an alarming rate.
"Weird." Karen whispered, "Must be one of your new Super Hero-like qualities."  
"Oh, well," Jessica said and she picked up the nail file, "That color wasn't really working for you anyway... Sarah remained in brooding silence and stared at Jessica's working hands. Jessica looked out the window after a moment.
"What's today?"
"Totally screwed up?" Karen quipped. They giggled with an awkward air.
"No, really. What's the date?"
"The seventeenth, I think. Why?"
"Huh," Jessica said speculatively, "That's what I thought." Karen and Sarah shared a confused glance after she didn't elaborate. Karen was the first to break the silence.
"Well," Jessica answered again looking out the window, "I was just thinking that I always under the impression that werewolves only turned on the full moon."
"What?" Sarah gasped giving Jessica her full attention.
"They do." Karen scoffed as she added more rollers to Sarah's hair, "As proven last night, remember?"
Jessica grinned dismissively, "Yeah, you're right." But Sarah chimed in, her pulse raised.
"No, no Jess. What were you saying?"
"According to my calendar if it's the seventeenth, then the full moon is tonight."
"It has to be a misprint or something because last night—," Karen paused, "Well you saw… I mean…Sarah?"
Sarah was rigid. Her mind was reeling. Her angry outburst earlier and the odd feeling she'd had all day suddenly made sense.  
"What if it happens for three nights, you know?" Jessica offered, "Like, the night of the full moon and the two surrounding it?"
"Yeah, right Jessica!" Karen sneered, "Like some sort of extreme menstrual cycle? Puh-lease!" Sarah closed her eyes remembering the experience of going the through the transformation. It was both terrifying and painful, but at the same time incredibly exhilarating.
"Three nights…" she whispered before her voice trailed off.  
The trio watched the moonlight cascading through the window; all of them wondering how much time they had left before the bright round orb reached its crest.
Sarah buckled over and let out an ear-piercing screech.
This my submission for the August/September Challenge.

I'm not much of a writer but I had fun putting a narrative to my little sketch :)

Hope you enjoy.
And sorry for the poor device is Super-old and likes to throw tantrums.

graphite and charchol pencil on paper.
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is there a chapter two...? :3
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Jenna. This was amazing!!! I loved the story! It was so cute. The picture is just a thousand words! :) I love it!! Awesome job!
Agent00Soul Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011
I would love to read a part 2 also.
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Perhaps in some of my spare time. :) Thanks for taking the time to read.
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Interesting approach, think about continuing with the story?
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Very cool. Hope to read more.
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